Your boyfriend would like Saga because of how Saga respects you -Liquorose tells Nini

Saga, Nini, and Liquorose are housemates in the big brother Naija’s house.

A few minutes after the first phase of their task was concluded. The camera focused on Liquorose, Emmanuel, Nini, and Saga.

Liquorose decided to engage Nini in a discussion about her boyfriend outside of the house.

Check out the discussion between Nini, Saga, and Liquorose below.

Nini: It’s a family something.

Liquorose: Your boyfriend would like to be friends with Saga outside of the house.

Saga: Have told her this several times.

Nini: Why?

Liquorose: Because of the way Saga respects you. He would have no problem with Saga.

Saga: I would like to meet her boyfriend.

As expected, Liquorose’s statement got a lot of people talking on social media. See more reactions via the screenshots provided below.

Rachel: Same way Tega’s husband would have no problems with Boma. He would like to meet him after the show.

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