Wicked Mother dumps newborn baby in Lagos estate

Arrival of a newborn is naturally supposed to be celebrated, as it is a moment of relief and warmth after nine months of enduring times associated with the pregnancy.

However, a yet-to-be identified mother thought otherwise on Monday when she abandoned her newly born baby girl around Dolphin Estate, Ikoyi, Lagos State.

Residents of the area woke up to the sight of the baby girl tucked in a shawl, whining for breast milk.

They were said to have alerted the police and the baby was taken to the Family Support Unit of the Adeniji Adele Police Division.

A resident, who identified herself only as Deborah, told Sunday PUNCH that she was shocked when she saw the baby girl.

She said, “It was like I was watching a movie. Why would a mother just dump a newborn like that? It was a neighbour who alerted me. By the time I got to the spot, a crowd had gathered. The girl was crying and was obviously hungry. She was pretty and in a good condition. We called the police and the girl was taken to their custody.”

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