Why Todd Boehly should consider extending the contract of Mason Mount.

Reports from different sports media have divulged that Chelsea’s new owner, Todd Boehly has stalled the contract extension of England’s and Chelsea’s midfielder, Mason Mount at the moment, to focus on and sort Chelsea’s pressing needs of poor performances and results.

However, it will be a nice decision for Todd Boehly to extend the contract with Mason Mount.


Though Mason is not in his top form at the moment, yet he’s young and has lots of positive potentials to unleash on Chelsea’s squad: Mason Mount is young and still has many years to play. Hence, there is every tendency that Mason Mount will rediscover his top form as he plays more games more often. Mason Mount is one of Chelsea’s players, whose dedication to the club is unquestionable. The Chelsea fans might be sad that he (Mason) is underperforming at the moment, but the truth remains that Mount is surely working hard to rediscover his top form and begin helping the squad to succeed.

Mason Mount will surely bounce back to top form: One constant fact about humans is their ability to change. The present poor form of Mason Mount isn’t a criterion to offload him so easily. We’re still regretting doing much to the likes of MO Salah, Kevin De Bryune, the current Musiala, and many others, who were offloaded because of their poor performances during their days at Chelsea. I believe giving Mason Mount a contract extension is worth it, based on the fact that he also fits into Chelsea’s project of young players as well.

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