Why Ronaldo will sign for Manchester United instead of Man City

The six-time Ballon D’or winner, Christiano Ronaldo has decided to join Manchester United after coming so close to closing a deal with Manchester City.

Christian Ronaldo was a big player in Manchester United where he won his first Ballon D’or and scored his most goals, the success accumulated in Manchester United gained him International recognition and played a very big part in his footballing career.

He joined Real Madrid after Manchester United and has been in the hearts of the United fans and staff.

During his stay in Madrid, he went on to be the most successful footballer, where he won three consecutive champions league and four Ballon D’or.

In the end, this didn’t go so well with Real Madrid so he decided to Join Join Juventus in Italy where he managed to score most goals and win so many awards but he has not been so happy in Juventus because they failed to sail in the champions league making him decide a move to Manchester City.

The fans who loved him in Manchester days have criticized his attempted move to Manchester City, insisting that is a very big betrayal to Manchester United because Manchester City and Manchester United share the same city, they insisted that if at all Christiano Ronaldo is coming back to the premier league that It should be back to Manchester United.

Following this reason, Ronaldo decided that he will join Manchester United after Manchester City had made it official that they are no longer interested in Christiano Ronaldo.

The news from different channels proves that Manchester United officials had gone to Juventus to pay the requesting amount which is €28m to Juventus to close the deal and bring Christiano Ronaldo back to Manchester United.

This will be a very good signing after Ole had promised Manchester United fans that he will create a team that will compete for the Premier League title this season.

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