What Timo Werner Posted On Instagram Ahead Of Reporting For Chelsea Training

Apart from the recent lost to Liverpool, the atmosphere around chelsea Football club has been great. The blues have done some really good deals of late, arguably the best so far of any clue in Europe. Back in January when the blues failed to sign anybody, Frank Lampard made something clear that, if they will sign anybody, it would have to be the right one. So far so good, they have definitely kept their words, after securing the signatures of Hakim Ziyech and

Chelsea completed the signing of ziyech when the Dutch league was still on and they also signed Timo werner when the German league was also on. However, with the early cancellation of the Dutch league, ziyech has already made his way to London and is training with the team

But Timo werner is still yet to arrive and thats due to the fact that he is taking some time out. Here is Lampard’s confirmation of it… “Timo Werner has only finished recently, so he’s having a well-deserved break and will come back later on in July.”View pictures 

However, it seems as though the German international can’t wait to resume training with his new team. And it would appear he’s excited about the prospect as the striker has updated his instagram profile page to show he’s a Chelsea player. Here is what Timo werner posted on Instagram…..

And if the rumours going around is true, Timo werner could be joined by fellow German international Kai Havertz. But presently, the blues are looking to secure a champions spot ahead of next season when they face wolves. And it would have been interesting if ziyech and Timo Werner were eligible to play that game.

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