we have no confirmed case of Coronavirus in Oyo State -Dr Bashir Bello

According to minister of Health Dr. Bashir Bello stated that We have received the test result of the UK returnee discussed in this press briefing. The result tested negative. Presently, we have no confirmed case of Coronavirus in Oyo State. Please stay calm and continue to follow the basic protective measures against Covid-19.


Oyo State Commissioner for Health, Dr Bashir Bello, held a press conference this morning to give an update on Coronavirus, after more cases were confirmed in Nigeria. He stated that there are currently no confirmed cases in Oyo State.


Those of us who are deemed internet savvy or considered ‘alakowe’ by the not-too-informed folks should help spread only authentic news about Covid-19.For e.g,massive consumption of Chloroquine &excessive intake of alcohol as a measure to fight coronavirus shouldn’t be encouraged


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