US Election: George Osborne analyses Donald Trump and Joe Biden’s battle to be President #USelection2020

Every US election is billed as one of the most important of our times, but 2020 really will shape the globe as it either consigns the Trump presidency to history or validates his time as the head of the world’s most powerful nation.

Covid-19 has changed the course of much of our lives this year and looks likely to make Donald Trump its first major political casualty, Evening Standard Editor-in-Chief George Osborne predicted during a discussion with columnist and journalist Philip Collins.

In the video above, the pair analyse the various outcomes of the seemingly likely Joe Biden victory or a come-from-behind win by the current President.

The outcome will also be important to Britain, and the pair discuss what politically a President Biden will mean for Boris Johnson’s government… and Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer.

Mr Osborne said: “I think [Trump] would have won this election if it had not been for Covid and I think he is probably going to lose it because of Covid.”

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