This mad man preaching the gospel in raw truth….

This mad man preaching the gospel in raw truth….
Also observe what he did with the money donated to him…i was so moved!
I feel so useless right now…God! Give me the boldness to win souls for you.😭😭😭

Watch Video Here

Jesus Christ suffered & died to redeem d world from sin&eternal daminnation. He cannot watch us perish in our sins still. I believe that’s why He is raising all manner of men to warn us to repent of our sins & avoid d consequence of eternity in hell. If men chosen to propagate d gospel fail, He can raise stones to speak bcos He does not want any to perish. Let’s heed all warnings and turn to d Lord. The coming of Jesus can be anytime from now. My heart bleeds bcos things of this world have preoccupied our hearts. Pls this is d raw gospel frm this God sent man. The choice is ours either to believe & live eternity in heaven or turn deaf ears & live eternity in hell but we shall have no excuse on d judgement day. May we decide rightly in Jesus Mighty Name. Amen.

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