The United Nations Send Strong Message To Buhari over Biafra declaration on September

The leader of indigenous people of Biafra Nnamdi Kanu, has reported Buhari to UN 3 days ago over IPOB members that were arrested by Nigerian police in Delta State last week.

This evening Biafra news watch has confirmed that the United Nations has ordered Buhari to sign nine documents in preparation of Biafra Independence on September this year.

UN told Nnamdi Kanu not to worry about what Nigeria Govt is doing to Biafrans. Because Biafrans has a short time in Nigeria, it is a matter of five months.

2 thoughts on “The United Nations Send Strong Message To Buhari over Biafra declaration on September

  1. God be with us, we are tired of Nigeria government, we are tired of being in slavery, we are tired of our own right and benefits denial from the Nigeria government. Are the Southerners and Easterners not humans? Due to the daily occurrences about the Nigeria system of government, it shows our Nigeria leaders are selfish. Corruption in the country is as daily bath. How can a house be clean when the heads of the house are very dirty? Can a clean thing come out from the unclean? Can corruption fight against itself? We will be very happy on that day of saying ”goodbye” to Nigeria government. We need our freedom. Freedom is life.

  2. I strongly support the independence of Biafra nation. It is long over due. The people of Biafra have suffered so much in the hand of Nigeria. Their progress is stiffled, their communities are beseiged, their farmlands are tresspassed and forcefully destroyed by herders with impunity, their lives are wasted unremousefully. The only federal presence in their region is presence of army, police and other security personnel who are there to checkmate the activities of the people in order to hunt them down at any slight provocation. This is not how a nation should live in this modern era. Sincerely speaking, we need an air of freedom. We need our independence. God bless Biafra. And God bless the UN to help us get independence.

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