The Real Reason Sanusi Was Dethroned

There are a lot lies, propaganda and half truths flying around as the reason Sanusi was dethroned.

Some said he was carefully edged out to prepare him for the presidency in 2023.

Others said it’s because of corruption. While the government of Kano said it all has to do with insubordination.

The most laughable reasons being thrown around is that he is outspoken against the ills of the north.

Now, anybody who understands Northern politics and psychology would hardly disagree with the points I’m about to give.

1. Hypocrisy: Sanusi is one of the most hypocritical human beings to ever walk the earth. And the northerners know this.

While chairing the CBN, Sanusi accused GEJ massive misappropriation of funds. And while doing this, he was unsteady about the particular amount he claimed was missing.

This same period, Sanusi was also unduly applying CBN policies to favor certain group of people and organizations. He was also embezzling funds and making donations above the stipulated mark required by the law.

Sanusi carried that hypocrisy into Kano emirate. There, he subtly shaded the government of Kano and made her look inept and clueless. Because of his influence on social media, he used every opportunity to speak against the ills of the north.

Northerners and northern elites were never against anybody speaking truth to power as almost all Northerners are tired of some bad cultures that need to be made away with. The issue was that most of what he spoke against, he was guilty of.

A. Taking multiple wives. (He did, and a far younger one at that).

B. Radical Islam. (Northerners know his past history).

C. Spending on frivolity.(Sanusi was the most extravagant monarch Nigeria have ever had).


All these hypocritical live irritated and infuriated elites, the masses and most importantly Ganduje. Sanusi made him feel stupid even when it could be said that Ganduje has done more to eradicate what Sanusi has been talking about all these while. Ganduje recently stopped Street begging which is a milestone than just yapping.

2. Interference in state politics: Sanusi was one of the major instruments used in voting out GEJ and therefore felt that the post of Emir was not enough compensation for him. As a hypocrite and a person with huge sense of entitlement, he felt he should be allowed the power to determine who becomes what in Kano state. That was the beginning of his fall.

He openly supported and campaign for another party and person vying for the same seat of his kingmaker. That was the day Buhari through Ganduje decided he has to go. It was going to be a matter of time.

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