Stingy Men Association of Nigeria trends #stingymenassociationofnigeria

Over the past few days, Stingy Men Association (SMAN) has been trending on social media. Nigerian guys have been saying they are tired of spending money and resources on women, their motto of this association is “I will see what I can do” a popular reply made by men when asked for monetary favours by women. to prove how serious this is, they went as far as making Identity cards for their members with some male celebrities like Don Jazy a music producer and male  influencers fronting it

As a result of this, other associations were formed like the Lavish men association with their motto as send your aza.

The women, in retaliation, have tried to form their counter associations such as the Stingy women Association of Nigeria (SWAN) with motto: Do not open. They mean should stingy men ask for sexual favours they should be denied

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