See What People Did To This Lady In Computer Village Ikeja [video]


Some people are just funny and always joke with everything that comes their way. This beautiful lady was deeply embarrassed in Computer Village Ikeja probably for wearing a very short gown or because of her body.

Well, either wearing short dresses or not, the act of yelling and recording the movement of a lady should be discouraged. A very good looking lady was provoked to anger in Ikeja because of what she wears.


A video hits the Internet recently, in the video, a girl was walking amidst a large crowd, mostly men. They were shouting and yelling and some of them where using their phone to record the event.

The girl who put in short gown that doesn’t cover her kneels was who they were yelling at. I think her dresses and God giving body catches their eyes.


endowed and well trained lady didn’t really bother about them, she focused on where she was going but a small boy did something that provoked her, he ran after her and slapped her butt then ran away.

The lady was really crossed, she rain curse on whoever did that to her but those guys who were gathered there are not moved by her anger, rather, they turn her to laughing stock.

She angrily walk away after raining curse on, she said” God will punish you, God will punish all of you”.

The laughter continues as people (men) keep making jest of her.

Above all, this guy was seen putting his hands on his head as if he just saw something he have not seen before, do you see what she saw?

To be sincere with you, both parties are wrong here (the lady and the jesters). There is a saying in yoruba land, “you will be addresses the way you dresses”. This saying have perfect explanation for the whole event.

I am not supporting those guys at all, in fact, the guy who touch her could be sue for assault, but what I’m saying is, dress the way you want to be addressed Thanks for reading.

Many people have been reacting to the video on Twitter, some blame the girl while some blame these guys, below are screenshots of their reactions:



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