See Photo Of A Gathering Of Witches After They Failed To Fly Home In Edo State

See Photo Of A Gathering Of Witches After They Failed To Fly Home In Edo State

Amazing! Reports have it that these set of witches were hindered from transforming, and flying back home due to prayers from an alleged church called The Miracle Cornerstone, and as a result, they got stucked in their meeting point.

The picture depicts witches in their gathering, and with their flying saucers; many have opined that the saucer/tray is the same thing they eat with. Reports have it that many have been killed mysteriously in the village, while many illnesses have sprouted, until the aforementioned church came into the community to curb the evil by these women.

According to reports by a lady whoes name is Ruth, and many others who attested to the pictures going viral on Facebook, they have allegedly said that this incident happened in a community in Edo State. They said that the church had embarked in prayers for the revelation of the witches who disturbed the church’s vicinity, and the community at night.

Behold, reports have it that the witches were stucked in their meeting point, pleading for mercy the following morning.

Unprecedented, unique and powerful such church could be, to overpower the gathering of evil, we ought to be amazed.

Many villagers are in shock after identifying the women in the gathering according to @Ruth Palic, who says her mother lives in the community (Jutta), and also similar reports have it that the village head and elders have vouched to burn these women alive, as they are all pleading for mercy.

However, many comments have emerged, with many witnessing the story and the pictures, as they said it happened last week, many have opined that they should not be burned alive, but rather, they should face appropriate and judicious prosecution.

Could this be the way forward to save the community

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  1. They should be handed over to the court because I remember vividly that Archbishop Benson Idahosa pushed the law to kill witches into the Nigerian constitution shortly after he stopped the first unsuccessful international conference of witches in Edo state.

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