See list of Nations seeking Independence in Africa

There is a saying “United we stand; divided we fall”. African countries can be great if unity and peace are fully established. Despite many Africann countries are heterogeneous, but “unity in diversity” can be advantageous in making African countries great

It is not a new thing in Africa that certain regions in African countries are seeking Independence or autonomy. This is believed to have been caused by some misunderstandings. Some had engaged in civil war previously owing to this effect. Recently there have been pandemonium in some countries owing to protest by certain regions or ethnic nationalities which seek to breakaway from their parent country. This awful development can be attributed to certain challenges such as poor governance, marginalization, tribalism, religious discrepancies, lack of mutual understanding, propaganda, political sabotage, political frivolities, despotism and many more.

For some years in some African countries, certain regions or ethnic nationalities have been moving motions to breakaway from their parent countries and obtain sovereignty or autonomy, while the government of these countries have been striving and working so hard to keep their countries in unity and peace. Some have made moves to reach with demands of the separationists so as to keep the country United.

This is a list of states seeking Independence in Africa.

1. Somaliland from Somalia

2. Biafra from Nigeria

3. Oduduwa Republic from Nigeria

4. Barotseland from Zambia

5. Caprivi Strip from Namibia

6. Azawad from Mali

7. Saharawi from Morocco

8. West Togoland from Ghana

9. Abazonia from Cameroun

10. Tigray from Ethiopia

11. Casamance from Senegal

12. Mtwakaza (Matabeleland) from Zimbabwe

13. Volkstaat from South Africa

14. Puntland from Somalia

15. Jubbaland from Somalia

16. Oromia from Ethiopia.

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