June 1, 2020

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See Jorginho, Jadon Sancho and 5 others Funny hairstyle as they Resume training

With Major football leagues now ready to resume football activities since the long down started, many footballer clubs have resumed training already.

Many of the footballers has changed due to months of staying at home. Some have grown fat, some have started growing new hairstyles and beards too.

In this article, I will be bringing you the new look of some footballers that looks very funny.

1. Sadio Mane.

Sadio Mane’s new look and hairstyle is very funny. Before the lockdown, Mane used to barb his hair galaxy, and shave his beards but now, he has started to grow hairs and it doesn’t fit him. Who knows the last time he probably visited a barber.

2. Ashely Young.


Everybody that knows Ashely Young, should know that he likes barbing his hair skin cut but since his club Inter Milan resumed training, it is now see that Ashley Young has started growing hairs.

3. Ngolo Kante.

Chelsea midfielder, Ngolo Kante is also another footballer that has changed his hairstyle. Hairs doesn’t look good on him, she should go back to his normal hairstyle.

4. Roberto Firminho.

Alongside his teammate, Mane, Liverpool striker, Roberto Firminho is another of the club’s players that has decided to change their hairstyle. The new hairstyle looks very good on him.

5. Jorginho.

Chelsea midfielder, Jorginho now has a new look as his club resumes training. He is now keeping beards. I think he should go and shave off those beards in order for him to look presentable again.

6. Jadon Sancho.

Dortmund’s teenage sensation, Jadon Sancho came off the bench to feature in the club’s 4-0 win last weekend. His new look and hairstyle is very funny as it doesn’t look like the Sancho we all used to know.

7. Wijnaldum.

Wijnaldum is also another of Liverpool football club’s players to have a new look after the club resumed training. The midfielder looks like he hasn’t shaved for months as his hairs and beards are now overgrown.

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