See How Regina Daniels Was Carrying Her Son With Style(photos)

How can a lady carry her son on her arms like that? Is it good, are they not people around there to caution her on what she is doing. What if the child falls off her hands, what will she tell her husband Ned Nwoko? I think she needs a lot of training on how to take good care of a child because as I can see she is still even growing, she is still trying to take care of her self before taking care of a baby.

Is it that she could have wait a little before going into a marriage in an early age, but is it advisable to go into marriage at that age? Just see how she was carrying her son with style without knowing he can fall down from her arms. God is just having mercy upon us if not anything could happen at any given time, so let people be care of how they handle things like this. Children are meant to handle with care because they are still growing they don’t know anything yet.

Well, am not the father or mother to correct her, if you look at the photos here very well you will realize that she is not carrying her son on a proper way that’s not the way it should be.

May God have mercy on us and protect us all even Regina Daniels and her family, so let’s discuss about this issue under the comment section and share it to others, let them know if what Regina Daniels did was good or not.

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