See Funny Thing’s People Are Using As Face Mask To Protect Themselves (Photos)

coronavirus keeps spreading all over the country, citizens are encouraged to strictly adhere to the listed guidelines by the Federal Government and Nigeria Center for Disease Control (NCDC), which is believed will help reduce the rapid spread of the virus. This guidelines include regular washing of hands with the use of hand sanitizer, covering the nose with the use of facemasks, putting on handgloves and maintaining a reasonable social distance.

Africans are well known for their unique lifestyle of making fun out of little things, they might chose to obey a rule, but it is usually based on their own terms. Facemask is one of the preventive kits which are meant for protection, they either protect you from contracting the virus or they stop you from spreading it. Due to the high demand for it worldwide, there seems to be a scarcity of it.

Hence many have resulted into inventing different versions of facemasks. All they seem to care about is to have something covering their nose as some state government has ordered security agencies to arrest anyone found without it.

Currently circulating online is the hilarious pictures of some of the facemask people made themselves.

Watch some of the funny pictures below


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