Referees union responds to VAR no-call on potential Chelsea penalty

Football moves so fast these days that it can be difficult to keep up.

Both teams haven’t been able to test each others goalkeeper that much, however, Mata and Fernandez have been able to go on target once. Chelsea on the other hand have gotten most if the set pieces with more corners and free-kicks.

A very important highlight of the game was towards time when Harry Maguire held Chelsea’s captain, Azpilicueta, while trying to attempt a corner bringing the Spanish man down and stoping him from reaching the ball. The referee refused to check the VAR at all and simply ignored the foul.

Minutes later, VAR checked a slight touch on Marcus Rashford by Thiago in the box making people question why the foul on Azpilicueta. What do you think. Is this a penalty?

The Chelsea vs. Manchester United game is still going on. In fact, there’s more than half an hour to play.

But there’s already been time for a potential penalty offence to be committed, denied by VAR, and then responded to by PGMOL, the referees union.

You can see their statement reported by Simon Johnson of the Athletic in the Tweet embedded here:

Regarding #CFC’s penalty claim for Maguire’s challenge on Azpilicueta in the first half – PGMOL confirm the incident was checked and VAR decided the on-field decision was correct. #surprising #MUNCHE

— Simon Johnson (@SJohnsonSport) October 24, 2020

Given the crazy calls we’ve seen for the very softest of penalties in the last couple of months, it seems pretty outrageous to claim that anyone could watch the way that Harry Maguire had both his arms around Cesar Azpilicueta’s neck and say there was no offence committed.

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