Reasons Chelsea Might Be The Next Premier League Champion For The 2020/21 Season.

Certainly, Chelsea is seen to be one of the top football clubs in the Premier League today, and this is solely due to their excellent performances in all the competitions.

Till the last season, Chelsea will always be found among the top 4 on the League’s table no matter the situation for that season, except in few cases.

Thus, the Premier League, being one of the most competitive leagues in the history of football, has placed much responsibility on most football clubs in the league, and demands lot from them.

Although some football clubs in the league haven’t been as effective as they used to be, yet, some still remain the best in the league till date.


For example, looking at Manchester United, the team hasn’t been strong ever since Sir Alex Ferguson retired as the team’s manager, and since then, the team hasn’t had a tangible success.

However, based on past records, they remain the best in the league, owing to the fact that the team remains the team with the highest number of trophies in the league.

Manchester United has won the title thirteen (13) times, and the team remains the first club to win the league three consecutive seasons two times (that is, 1998/1999 to 2000/2001 and 2006/2007 to 2008/2009).

However, since the club’s past records, no big record has been made by the club.

Similarly, Chelsea can be categorized alongside Manchester United.

Although, Chelsea hasn’t had much records like Manchester United, yet, the club also had some good records in the past before things changed drastically recently.

With the past records, Chelsea has won the Premier League title five (5) times, and the last time the club won the title was in the year 2012.

In fact, in that same year, the club won the Champions League in their 100 years of existence while they played against Manchester United in the final round of the competition.

Since 2012, Chelsea hasn’t been able to win the Premier League title, and has only be trying to finish the league being among the top 4.

However, this season (2020/2021) might take a new turn for the club, and might give a possible chance for the club to win the League’s title.

Of course, what will come to the mind of every football player is “how?”

However, this can be predicted with some obvious facts and likewise, some tangible points seen with the club both last season and as the new season began.

Thus, with this, some reasons can be given and these reasons will stand as Chelsea’s possible ways of winning the Premier League title for the 2020/2021 season.

1. Chelsea’s Newly Signed Players.

This is no longer a new information to anyone who is acquainted with football, and it is crystal clear that Chelsea got the best men for the job.

As the last season ended, Chelsea began to make some deals with some clubs in signing their players, and during the break, the club was able to complete some deals, and now, the players can fully play for the club.

The players whose deal has been completed include Kai Havertz (midfielder), Hakim Ziyech (midfielder), Thiago Silva (defender), Timo Werner (forward) and Malang Sarr, Ben Chilwell (defender).

Looking at these players, it will be seen that Chelsea carefully scouted them, and then finalized their deals because of their potentials.

Thus, with these players joining the already existing squad, Chelsea has more chances of winning.

2. Failure of other teams to sign enough players.

As an addendum to the first point mentioned, just as Chelsea was signing new players, other clubs in the league seem to be satisfied with their current squads and yet, this is seen that those squads might not get them anywhere.

Most especially, we have the likes of Liverpool (current Champion), Manchester United, and Manchester City, who are seen as the greatest clubs in the league, who are yet to sign enough players for the season.

Looking at the performances last season, only Liverpool was able to utilize the available squad in order to win the league, while the others were struggling to be among the top 4.

Yet, while the season was over, no move has been made to get new players, except for Manchester United, who just signed a player; yet, not enough.

Thus, since Chelsea has moved ahead of these teams, and has made a better squad available for the season, there is a good potential of winning the league.

3. Lampard’s second season in charge.

Frank Lampard just took up the position of being Chelsea’s manager, and since then, the team has been averagely managed by him, and he tried his best to maintain the team among the top 4.

However, this will be his second season where he will be in charge, and thus, he can utilize the experience he has had during the first season to put things in place towards the new season.

And with this, it seems this is why he had to get new players in order to make a better squad.

Thus, we can say Lampard tried in his first season, and now, he will definitely do better.

4. Developed Players.

Some players who were graduates of the academy, and are now playing for the club has definitely gained more experience through the previous season, and thus, now developed.

We have the likes of Tammy Abraham, Gilmour, Hudson-Odoi, James and Mount.

They are Lampard’s developing players, and now, having more experience through the last season, can come out better in the new season and perform exceedingly well.

Thus, Chelsea’s success is solely based on the club’s current squad, and it can be said that the club’s success is feasible with the efforts that will be made by both the manager and the players.

5. New Force Of Defenders Scoring Two Goals In First Match.

One of the problem that crippled Chelsea’s gameplay last season was the inefficiency of the defenders in the defensive region of the pitch.

Take for instance the goal caused by a penalty for Aubameyang against Chelsea at the FA Cup final was because Azpilicueta lacked the speed to have tackled him outside the goal post and he only made a last attempt at this when the Arsenal striker was already inside the goal post and it resulted in a penalty for the team.

But with the likes of Reece James and Kurt Zouma ready to ensure a satisfying defense for the team, any opposition would think twice and shudder in the jerseys when faced with Chelsea during the English Premier League fixtures.

6. Possible Change of Arrizabalaga.

With Kepa Arrizabalaga rumoured to be leaving the team and Mandy filling his position as the new Chelsea’s goalkeeper, the team might be headed for an absolute dominion of the 2020/21 football season and might even win more than one trophy.

Recall that Kepa had conceded too much goals for the team, appearing at the top charts of Goalkeepers who have conceded highest goals from outside the box.

He topped with 19 goals, and he now has more than 9% goals scored against Chelsea since the team’s existence.

A change in this team player will surely bring forth a new dawn for Chelsea and the league might be theirs to win

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