Racksterli Refund all existing investors back their capital #racksterli

Previously Racksterli investors were out on popular social media network “Twitter” to lament the fact that www.racksterli.com has been down for hours now. The possibility that racksterli has crashed is imminent.

This downtime happened 8th March 2021, and we had lots of attacks from investors saying it was actually a system upgrade. Droidvilla Tech piped low, and here we have got disheartening memo from the ceo of racksterli to all its investors and intending investors

Here is what he (ceo of racksterli) had to say at last!
Racksterlians2021 gone
Please be informed that there will not be registeration of new members on RACKSTERLI platform from now until further notice. All registerations from now is on hault. EXISTING MEMBERS (regardless of when you register) will get a Refund policy of their INVESTMENT CAPITAL from Monday 29th March, 2021. We are sorry for every inconvenience this might have caused.
Motivational quote from the ceo of racksterli:

The downfall of a man is not the end of its life. RACKSTERLI is coming back better and stronger. 😂

l appreciate you for your time, cooperation and ever loving relationship I had personally had with you all in the time past, hope to working with you again SOONEST as we will be back to unfold the good news coming to us. Thanks for understanding – Invéstør Cira


21 thoughts on “Racksterli Refund all existing investors back their capital #racksterli

  1. He hasn’t refunded us he’s just playing the smart card to just refund few people and leave the rest on the hook which is not fair you should fix the title of this message

  2. U haven’t return my capital..for how long will it take?

  3. You haven’t returned my capital…You picked people at random to pay them.Please return my capital

  4. Please, kindly refund my capital for God’s sake

  5. Am waiting patiently for my money…pls refund us our money

  6. Pls am a nursing mother, I registered for premium on the 11 of February and am supposed to cash out March 19 according to the office, please all am asking now is my capital, it will go a long way for me

  7. Please refrain from such headings and the spreading of fake news before finding facts… Black Gold has not paid back capitals. He paid those connected to him and has left thousands of us penniless.
    For this action of his, it is without a shred of doubt that Racksterli is and was nothing but SCAM!!

  8. Pls refund my money am a student,I was convinced to register for racksterli. I registed for premium the money is ment to be my school fee pls am begging refund my money.

  9. Racksterli, it should not take you that long to refund our capital that is in your possession. We paid money easily, why is the refund taking so such a long time? Refund us pleaeeeeeese!

  10. Hunnmm Oga How can you do this kind things for thousands people. Kindly refund our capital

  11. Please they should refund my money
    I have been waiting for long now and I haven’t been payed please he should refund my money back

  12. Blackgold why betray our trust despite all the assurance you gave us.

  13. i never see my capital o… that my hard earn money.. na God go punish you and davido

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