President Goodluck And The PDP Were Not Good But APC Is A Colossal Disaster -Actor Ugezu J. Ugezu

Nigerian actor, Ugezu J. Ugezu has lamented about the high rate of insecurity while comparing Jonathan’s administration to the ruling Buhari-led regime.

In his post, he stated that the insecurity in the country has overshadowed what Nigerians experienced during the time of ex-president Goodluck Jonathan. But admitted that the Goodluck- led administration also had lapses too.

The actor also went on to say that the ” injustice, administrative recklessness, high-handedness, and impunity in APC Nigeria is of proportion unprecedented” in Nigerian history.

Lastly, he lashed out at those still defending what he describes as a “completely failed government.”

He Wrote:

“The insecurity in Nigeria has dwarfed what we experienced during President Goodluck Jonathan.

Truth is….. President Goodluck and the PDP were not good. But this APC is a colossal disaster.

The injustice, administrative recklessness, high handedness and impunity in the APC Nigeria is of proportion unprecedented in our history.

Shame on anyone still defended a completely failed government.


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