Petr Cech: “I’m 100 per cent ready” to play for Chelsea again

Chelsea almost broke the internet recently when fans casually stumbled across the fact that retired goalkeeper Petr Cech had been added to their current squad list for this season.

Of course, most naturally assumed it must have been an error, with Chelsea’s new technical director being retired for over a year now.

However, there was no mistake, and Chelsea soon confirmed that Cech is in their current squad for the season. Chelsea fans went wild! Cech has always been a firm favourite amongst fans and he will always go down as a club legend.

Now supporters are eagerly awaiting a chance to see him play again, surely Frank Lampard must honour him with at least one appearance?

Well, Cech is more than ready, according to the player himself.

He says he has been training hard for the last two months, and feels like he is just as good as he was before he retired.

In an interview with Telefoot (translated by The Metro), Cech said:

“I know I’m 100 per cent ready to help if needs be. I’m fit, and with the two months of training, I’ve seen I have the same quality.

“Furthermore, I rested for a year without playing football. It really gave me energy, my body recovered after playing 20 years as a professional.

“If the circumstances put me on the pitch, I’m ready

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