Open Letter to President Buhari: Sir Please Stop Nnamdi Kanu Now, Else We Loose Our Dear Country

Good day your Excellency Sir,I’m writing you this letter with tears in my eyes and I pray it gets to you.

Ever since this man from Afara Ukwu showed up from no where our sovereignty as a nation has been shaky,I wonder how one man will hold an entire nation to ransom all in the name of one unrealistic fairytale country.

I remember growing up in the early 2000’s 1st of October was a big day because it was a day our darling nation Nigeria got her independence from the British.those days we will wear our revered green and white cloths and go for marchpast In our different Local government,this days it’s no longer the same.

Nnamdi Kanu has succeeded in sowing a seed of discord among Nigerians.

My President it’s no longer the case of Igbos as the Yorubas and Hausas are buying into his ideology.

Oh I blame the DSS for not stopping his radio with which he used to radicalize his followers and buy sympathy from others.

My dear president please do something before water pass garri because the way I’m seeing this man he has something backing him up.

Share this post till it gets to our action president if you love our dear nation Nigeria and for all anti Nigeria please tell your leader to leave our country for us.

11 thoughts on “Open Letter to President Buhari: Sir Please Stop Nnamdi Kanu Now, Else We Loose Our Dear Country

  1. Why and what are you afraid of you don’t want igbo anymore than let them go I thank God for is life because God have used him to show the world what is going on in this so called Nigeria

  2. Thanks❤ to chukwuokikeabiama❤ for given us Elijah of own time Mazi Nnamdi Kanu Jubril a.k.a buhari would have eradicate us like smallpox. Let me come again Biiiiaaafra or zoo burnt to hell, we will fight you with diplomat till we unmask the imposter.

  3. Odee ahu bu onye ara. O bu onye is mmebi na-amaghi ihe I ga-ekwu. Olee ihe na-ato ya uto Na naijiria o Ji acho ka akwusi ndi a na-emegbu emwgbu Ila ala nna ha?

  4. You can stop him if you give him what he asked for,even all the deplonats can’t do such

  5. I can’t believe any sane person would call fraudrent, unjust, vindictive, devilish exploitative Nigeria , his dear country. A country the Fulani ethnic minority has killed over 10000 southerners and Christians and are ready to kill several hundreds of thousands more to frighten them to abandoned their ancestral lands for Fulani cattle and then enslavement and forced islamization, your dear country!?

  6. What is wrong with areferedum for a peoples constitution, if we are interested in one Nigeria, what is wrong with independence of states, resource control etc Nnamdi exist because of injustice and the North is a problem to Nigeria and if we scatter they caused it. Presently the north has refused to develop and dragging us with them . we want to develop like north Korea. Give us Biafra and we will roll out military arsenals never seen in Africa. The Igbo’s want to show the world our ingenuousness and we can’t achieve this submerged in present day Nigeria. That is why we will die for my brother Namdi KANU. Your hypocrisy feeble mindedness won’t weaken the course but creating an egalitarian society where justice excellence is held with both hands instead of mediocrity. j Just look at the present govt and the past I am laughing the north. You can’t cover the truth. KANU has a strong case against the structure and quality of leadership. Everything is wrong with this sample of northern leadership. It has never been this bad.

  7. Nigeria is not worthy to be a country
    No good leadership
    No vision
    No direction
    Mr poster ur shame d shame me

  8. Nnamdi KANU is unstoppable, IPOB is unstoppable, Biafra is unstoppable, like it or not we must achieve Biafra at all cost , buhari is death if you don’t know stop doubt and argument, make a good research about it , you will finally discover that you are not even a Nigerian to talk more of death person that you are calling on to do something , even buhari is a Fulani , and Fulani is not a tribe in the zoo called Nigeria , they are wondering all over west African like aturu na enweghi onyenche, do a research about your true origin and cry your own cry, thanks

  9. No leader in this world can stop Nnamdi kanu from achieving his aim

  10. If only you know Nigeria was never a country. Things have fallen apart as the centre was removed even before its creation

  11. which nation are you praying for? Nigeria is gone if you don’t know is better you know it now mumu

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