North Korea confirm a letter from Trump begging them and Iran government for cooperation on Covid-19

The US President has finally swallow his pride as he sent a personal letter to Kim Jong-Un calling for cooperation between the two world superpowers amid the global coronavirus crisis.

On Sunday Kim Jong-Un’s Younger Sister Kim Yo Jong confirmed the republic received a letter from the US President. The US President has extended his support to North Korea and Iran during the global health pandemic which has seen more than 14,000 people die from COVID-19.  Kim Yo Jong praised the move by Mr Trump and said the message was warmly received by Chairman Kim.

She narrate the letter which goes by: “[Mr Trump] explained his plan to propel the relations between the two countries of the DPRK and the US and expressed his intent to render cooperation in the anti-epidemic work, saying that he was impressed by the efforts made by the Chairman to defend his people from the serious threat of the epidemic.

“We regard it as a good judgment and proper action for the US president to make efforts to keep the good relations he had with our Chairman by sending a personal letter.

“Again at a time as now when big difficulties and challenges lie in the way of developing the bilateral relations, and think that this should be highly estimated.”

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Mr Trump has endured a volatile relationship with Iran following the killing of Iranian major general Qasem Soleimani by US forces in January.

The US President has appeared to put those differences aside in the wake of the global crisis.

Mr Trump said: “On North Korea, Iran, and others we are open for helping other countries, it is a very serious time.

Kim Jong-Un and Donald Trump

“North Korea’s going through something, Iran is going through something very, very strong.

“Iran is really going through a difficult period with respect to this as you know.

“It’s really a glad hand, to North Korea, to Iran and to many other countries.”

The coronavirus has killed more than 400 people in the US and more than 1,800 in Iran.

North Korea has yet to report any cases of COVID-19.

On Saturday North Korea’s military conducted a missile test showing the world it had not been affected by coronavirus.


How to reduce your chances of catching COVID-19 (Image: EXPRESS)

South Korea’s defence ministry confirmed a short-range ballistic was fired from North Pyongan province into the Sea of Japan.

North Korea’s soldiers also conducted outdoor military drills and were seen not wearing any protective face masks.

It was the first military activity seen in the country since February.

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