Nnamdi Kanu is a coward he saw war and ran away

Nnamdi Kanu can be likened to a coward who saw war and ran.

Where’s Nnamdi Kanu the freedom fighter? Last time I checked, he was supposed to be in Nigeria, after the so called “kangaroo” court granted him bail. Where did he now disappear to, if I may ask?

Well, I think I have the answer to that question? The supreme leader of the Biafra movement fled Nigeria like a coward that he is! And not only did he do that, he also compromised himself by collecting money from this same Government that he has gone over and over again to chastise. Yes, how’ll you explain his sudden disappearance out of the country, only for him to land somewhere in Isreal as a Jew? What about his passport and other documents that would have been needed to travel?

The faster IPOBs see Nnamdi Kanu as a clown who only cares about his personal interest, the better for them all. I mean, a man who came forth to address his followers, but could only make mention of his dog that was slain… Do you think such a man is worth dying for?

If Nnamdi Kanu was serious, he should have stayed in Nigeria and struggled with his people, but no, he ran when they needed him the most. I don’t take people who sit in their comfort zone to fight aggressively. If he is serious about fighting for freedom, he should come to the “warfront” and do so.

As far as I’m concerned, Nnamdi Kanu has been compromised and he doesn’t care about the well-being of his followers – he’s only after himself. If not, he should prove it by coming into Nigeria and fight along with his people.

Dear IPOBs, don’t lose your lives over a man who doesn’t care about you.

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