Nigerians React As FG Vows To Block Sim Cards Not Connected To NIN TODAY

As the deadline for subscribers with National Identity Numbers (NIN) to register their SIM cards with the identity numbers ends on Tuesday; many Nigerians taken to their social media to share their views.

It would be recalled that this directive came late last year but just before the year ended, the Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC) announced an extension of the exercise.

But as the initial deadline elapsed, many Nigerians have dared the federal government to go ahead with SIM deactivation while many others lamented their inability to complete the process.

The National Identity Management Commission NIMC has reiterated its stance on blocking sim cards of persons not connected to the National Identification Number. The exercise which was announced in mid-December by the communications minister, Isa Pantami, states that any telecom subscriber that failed to submit NIN to its network provider within two weeks of announcement would be blocked.

Following criticisms from citizens, however, subscribers with NIN were given three weeks’ extension to get their NIN linked with their mobile lines; while those without NIN are given six weeks to get their NIN and link it to their lines. The six weeks deadline for subscribers with NIN elapses today and the agency has taken to its Twitter account to warn that failure to have phone numbers linked with NIN will attract the wrath of the Federal Government.

A tweet on the NIMC’s twitter account reads:

“By order of the federal government, today is given as the last chance to register your NIMC or face the wrath of what comes next”

Further findings show that the account is a parody of the NIMC account.  Nigerians have however reacted to the tweet as subscribers who have not yrt linked their phone numbers to the NIMC directory seem quite unperturbed and call the FG’s bluff of blocking their lines.

See some reactions below:

A social media tells the FG to do her worst as he appears to be in debt of over N7,000 to his network provider:

Popular Twitter user identified as Four Eyed Edo boy said:

Lmao, dem say NIMC go block my line in the next few seconds if I no connect. I get NIN but I no believe that shii. Let them do their wor

Another user identified as Oscar Romero adviced his followers to borrow airtime form their netowork providers in order to avoid disconnection

“If you don’t want NIMC to block your sim, go and borrow airtime immediately.”

Beautiful Nigerian Lady Who Fries Yellow Garri For A Living Showcases Her Work On Social Media

A Nigerian lady has stunned social media users with her craft and source of livelihood. The lady identified as EduEle on twitter had taken to the platform to share pictures of herself helping her mother fry yellow Garri.

Edu said they both had to get through the great smoke and heat in order to deliver a great product that serves as the main family income.

Netizens heaped praises on the young lady, saying that she is different from a whole lot out there who are waiting to be someone else’s dependants. Photos shared on the bird app shows the lady frying yellow garri in a big open pot as she stirred it with a stick after adding palm oil.

According to @ChibuikeChined4: “You cannot, and should not force the citizens who made the choice to buy phone and SIM network to register for what you couldn’t make easy and accessible to all Nigerians. This is indeed end time saga.”

“Is this how to address the citizens of the country.. I no blame una sha,” @OLUBUKOLA said.

@EwuluEpurepu said “This administration wouldn’t tolerate the youths seeking for deadline for d prosecution of culpable SARS officials but NIMC will issue deadline threats with reckless abandon to the youths.”

@Bigg_awwal explained that “Not when your staff stop extorting us before doing the NIMC….. Bcos of the crowd in the ministry the staff feel they are doing you favor by attending to you… If you didn’t settle them with some token they will tell you that you’re not serious…

@Gabafolayan wrote: “Actually some of us have done our NIN but still refused to link it to our sims.”

@abangdove also wrote: “My own issue with this NIN registration is that, when NIMC eventually starts blocking SIMs, a g

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“They’ll just have a different queue from the rest when they get to the centre.” @mroscarromero added:

“If you don’t want NIMC to block your sim, go and borrow airtime immediately.”

@ayosogunro said: “A government that couldn’t ORGANICALLY get ALL its own federal and state civil servants (and their families) to register with NIMC really hoped to use THREATS to register all 180m of us and succeed?

“There is a serious lack of critical and creative thinking in this Buhari regime.”

According to @Faycity “I have not gotten my NIN because of the mistake of year of birth, I was asked to pay 15k to change it, and I don’t have such amount, what do I do?”

@Iam6iix: wrote “The only thing Nigerians take serious is “Low battery”. Hence we Association of strong Head are not actually bothered, we don’t want stress Biko. They should block the Sims so we can rest, they too will rest and everybody will all rest.”

“This is the height of it! I have been perambulating the NIMC centre close to my work place since last year till now which it falls under impossible to register. They are always like, come tomorrow come tomorrow. You can only chase us away from social media but not from this world!” @Jerry_leshy said

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