Nigerians Drag RCCG After Remi Tinubu Launch Attacks on Senator Smart Adeyemi

Here are the reactions of Nigeria on Twitter

  • And Remi Tinubu is an ordained pastor of RCCG. May God help our congregation.
  • How do RCCG select or choose their Pastors, Deacons and Deaconesses?
    Omoooooo, Sometimes, I get so confused as to how Remi Tinubu became a leader in that church.
    A careless ranter that talks anyhow.

  • A few days ago, RCCG sent a memo to their pastors, including Remi Tinubu who’s always a pastor to continuing standing in the gap and cry to God to end the spate of insecurity in the country. So why is she blocking Smart Adeyemi of the obvious… because of our husband’s ambition.
  • After seeing what ortom & smart adeyemi said about insecurity in Nigeria some foolish Christians will still vote Afonja tinubu & his First Lady Remi Tinubu in 2023 because she’s a pastor in RCCG & yoruba

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