June 4, 2020

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Nigeria is Too Large For Government To Control – Minister of Finance Lament

Zainab Shamsuna Ahmed the Nigerian accountant, otherwise also known as the Finance minister has reacted to over the mass population of the country citizens.

She announced this after she spoke about the ongoing recession that was about to take place in the country.

she announced this during the press conference in Abuja, disguising that the Nigeria population is too large and it’s above the countries expected to handle, she also states that the citizens could help in buying and selling the made in Nigeria products as it could help in the massive development of the Nigerian Economy.

While speaking further, she also states that, the COVID-19 pandemic has occurred in the total shutdown of businesses in Nigeria and also which have affected the countries economy, during her statement she also narrates that the country may experience recession any moment from now.

Currently Nigerian is over 200,963,599 According to world meter.

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