Nigeria Governor Takes New Decision On Workers, Ban Viewing And Events Centres

Kano State government takes new decision on workers, viewing and events centres across the state.

This statement was released and signed by the commissioner for information in the person of Comrade Muhammad Garba, and its being published by the pressmen on Tuesday.

COVID-19: Ganduje orders ease of lockdown in Kano

Increase in coronavirus outbreak in Kano state continue to rise each new day. The second wave covid-19 virus is more deadly more than the first wave, so therefore to curb the spread of this disease everyone have to observe social distancing, washing of hands and by using sanitizer to sanitize any form of germs in our hands.

Gwamnatin Kano ta ce sai an bullo da wasu matakai kafin a bude makarantu –  Freedom Radio Nigeria

Government in collaboration with all stakeholders which include the Ulama to ensure compliance with the COVID-19 preventive protocols.

We should be aware that covid-19 is real and to abstain from all what can cause wide spread of the disease.

COVID19 | Page 3 | Kano

Workers that are on essential services like, Health care workers, Fire services, Media, Security guard, Water corporation are exempted from ban.

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