Nigeria Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr Anu Under Fire As Lady Calls Her Out Over Failed Surgery

The controversial cosmetic surgeon, Doctor Anuoluwapo Adepoju, has again been called out on social media after a lady alleged she developed an infection from a surgery performed by the doctor.

The spotlight has continued to beam on Dr Anu of MedContour after her failed surgery sessions on clients.

A chat had surfaced on social media recently where a lady alleged that Dr Anu had given her fat necrosis.

According to medical news today, fat necrosis is a condition that occurs when a person experiences an injury to an area of fatty tissue.

It added that the term “necrosis” means the cells have died, noting this can result in the fat being replaced with the oily contents of fat cells.

In the chat, the lady lamented how she is dying in Abuja after Dr Anu performed the operation on her.

She claimed she was ignorant of the doctor’s precedents, stating she had been living in New York, United States and only came to Nigeria recently.

The chat read, “Dr Anu gave me an infection. Fat necrosis. I’m dying in Abuja.”

When asked if she was not aware of Anu’s escapades, the victim wrote, “I live abroad, I live in New York. I didn’t know about Anu until I came to Nigeria. I haven’t been in Nigeria for 10 years. It was after the surgery I started hearing things about her. You don’t want to be harsh on me. I just started following you of recent.”

Barely a year ago, popular socialite and Twitter influencer, Omotola Taiwo Temilade, aka Omohtee, called out Dr Anu Adepoju of MedContour following a botched cosmetic surgery.

Omohtee also stated that she became suicidal and had to spend millions to treat herself after the botched surgery.

Speaking to BBC pidgin, she narrated how she wanted to make her tummy flat and “top-up” her butt. She decided to go to MedContour for Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) and Liposuction.

She said she paid N1.2 million for the procedure.

However, she said after the procedure, her body was a mess. She couldn’t stand, her waisted became numb.

She further stated that she constantly wondered who would marry her as everyone knew she had a botched surgery. She said she did not have a boyfriend and was not sure anyone would want to be with her.

She said she shared her story for others to learn but the reactions she got afterwards were horrible as people mocked her and wished her dead.

She said, “After the surgery, I started having complications. I started having belly burns, waist burns, waist numb, and after two months I started having fat necrosis.

“The wound she inflicted on me is yet to heal. I still go to the hospital every two days. And to dress up the wound, sometimes I spend N7,000, sometimes N10, 000 it depends because sometimes I might open the wound and another fat necrosis is already beside the wound. The doctors will have to perform another operation to bring that one out. Sometimes, the wound will be infected, then there will be a need for a swab. I buy drugs.

“The money I have spent has run into millions, more than the money I even paid for the surgery from Dr Anu.”

She said she couldn’t bathe alone after surgery and her brothers had to help carry her.

She added that she became suicidal and constantly thought of taking her life, so her brothers hid the knives and every other dangerous object in the house.

Reacting, Dr Anu blamed Omohtee for not following post-surgery instructions.

Doctor Anu insisted that she was qualified to perform cosmetic surgery. She added that she has never claimed to be a plastic surgeon.

Meanwhile, in November 2020, the Federal Competiton and Consumer Protection Commission approved the indefinite suspension of Dr Anu upon the recommendation of the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria.

“The Federal Competiton and Consumer Protection Commission welcomes the Medical and Dental Council’s decision to impose interim measures suspending Dr Anuoluwapo Adepoju indefinitely from practising medicine pending full and final disposition of disciplinary proceedings,

“Every action whether interim or final that prevents the risk of injury to patients/consumers and or mitigates the pain and suffering of citizens on account of injury by manufacturers or service providers is an important component of a larger effort to protect citizens.”

The commission further stated that it finds MDCN actions on the doctor commendable and noted that the suspension would persist pending the full disposition of disciplinary proceedings.

Also, in 2019, the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LUTH), Idi-Araba, petitioned the Medical and Dental Practitioners’ Investigation Panel to investigate Dr Anu after a patient died in LUTH following a botched cosmetic surgery performed by the female doctor.

The management of LUTH accused Dr Anu of professional misconduct following the death of one Miss Nneka Onwuzuligbo, who developed complications after cosmetic surgery at Dr Anu’s facility before dying at LUTH, after which Dr Anu tried to extricate herself by blaming LUTH for her death.

In a petition dated June 11, 2020, and signed by LUTH’s Director of Legal Services, O. O. Olajide, the hospital said Dr Anu Adepoju had continued to perform surgeries despite the fact that her facility was sealed off by the Lagos State Health Facility Monitoring and Accreditation Agency.

LUTH said Nneka was brought to its hospital with severe respiratory distress and septicaemia with infected surgical wounds.

In an affidavit attached to the petition, LUTH alleged that Dr Anu Adepoju referred the late Nneka from her facility to LUTH on January 3, 2019, on the pretext that she was being referred from the General Hospital, Odan.

The hospital added that upon admission into LUTH, the first surgical debridement performed on the deceased on January 10, 2019, revealed extensive sloughing, with foul-smelling discharge from Nneka’s debrided hips and purulent discharges from puncture wounds on the anterior abdominal wall.

It added that after the surgery, there was no improvement in the patient’s clinical state, hence the need to perform a second surgery on her, adding that after the second surgery, the clinical state of the victim improved till the 28th day of admission, when her vital signs deteriorated.

LUTH adds that the victim developed multiple organ failure of cardiac, respiratory (Adult Respiratory Distress Syndrome) and renal failures and had a cardiac arrest on the 31st day of admission, adding that after cardio-pulmonary resuscitation was unsuccessful, the victim was certified dead around 9 am on February 3, 2019.

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