Lady Wrote How to be Ordained as A Pastor After Nigerian Drag RCCG Remi Tinubu on Twitter , See What She Wrote Here

I am a 23 year old RCCG member.

I think I need to do a thread on how you can be ordained as a pastor/minister in my church.

It would help some of you to realize that God/holy spirit can be conveniently eliminated in 99% of the process.
That’s why we have Pastors like Remi

See The Tread Below

  • First baptism, you must be baptized by immersion with an RCCG baptismal card, as a member no wahala if you have the one from another church, but to make it to Pastor level, you must do it again (might be different in some parishes sha)
    Next is Workers in training


  • Workers in training classes, join one, conveniently wait behind after service for like 1 hour, in 3 months time you should be done and have a certificate.
    Next up is called School of disciples (SOD)
    That one takes 1 year (I did it )
    We have 12 manuals, school fees of not more
  • Than 30k for Non-working class peeps for the full year, you would write exams every month(what your graduation would look like below👇👇100 objective questions and theory too every month.not so tough questions, I cleared grass as manual labour, some wash toilet but it varries
  • Now the thing is, at my stage I could become an assistant pastor conveniently (although not ordained)
    They are so many here and within local areas and town causing all sort of havoc, mind you God has not come in so far in the process, they could do “let’s go our fishing” and make
  • Me a Pastor with my SOD I am officially more qualified than most pastors in the village, and you could remain a pastor for years before even going for the 1 year training because most of them can’t even afford the school fees for the training sef🤷

    Next up is Bible college 🔥🔥

  • Now that’s where you have to put in real work
    (Yes I can tell you because my whole life has been around pastors and church, I know stuff)
    Most of the RCCG pastors have never smelled nor would ever go to Bible college but they are all pastors, we now have the convenient version
  • Were they are numerous satellite means of enrolling for classes close to you and attend at your convenience, you can skip (Naija corruption is inside everything)

    to be a Deacon in RCCG you must have 4 years old workers in training certificate, that

  • Means you must have been a worker for 4 years, the people who made this rule knew the reason(atleast you should have a track record of service and know what the church stands for) but corruption would make some bend it, some would have the certificate but would not work, perhaps
  • Busy traveling and not functioning as a worker.
    The pastor is in charge of nominating people to be up for ordination or you come indicate interest(tell me how yeye folks won’t make it through) then you go through talks with them (you can influence it too)
    Fiam you’re at the camp
  • For ordination, after 2 years, you simply stroll back in for ordination as a pastor🤷🤷

    Straight up.
    Now you can eliminate that 4 years waiting to be ordained a deacon, the headquarters don’t know these stuff but it happens, the level of corruption is super high. In local areas

  • With scarcity of pastors due to never ending planting of parishes, the quality of pastors is questioning

    You brother Paul move to that new parish until they send someone.🤷shikena

    We are our own problem honestly, and even if God calls you, things can still happen, only trying

  • To make you guys see that it’s possible that most are not called.
  • Not just RCCG sha ooo😋

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