Kiki Mordi Tweets Go Viral As She’s Trying To Endorse Homosexuality

Kiki Mordi is a Nigerian journalist, media personality, filmmaker and writer. In 2016, she won the award of Outstanding Radio Program Presenter at the Nigerian Broadcasters Merit Awards.

According to Dailyfocusng Kiki mordi try to endorse homosexuality she tweeted that  It’s almost 2020 & same sex marriage is still illegal in Nigeria. Like two people (of the same sex) can love themselves and want to build a family for themselves just like you & I but can’t because it’s illegal for them. A damn shame! We’re already on the wrong side of history.

Nosa knows homophobia is wrong, he lives abroad. He has gay acquaintances. But his fans are predominantly Nigerians and he himself is a religious Nigerian that has grown to hate what he cannot understand. So he chooses intellectual dishonesty & gaslighting to try to marry both.

After they’re done oppressing the gays, they’ll come for you. Oppression is turn by turn, and you’re not rich enough to buy your freedom. But you’re plenty. Were. Until they used you to oppress what could have been your ally. Now you’re neither rich enough nor plenty enough

Here are what people have to say about this tweet of homosexuals

Fight for women,women are way more oppressed than gays.These foreigners dont accept our culture,why are you swallowing theirs,pick the good stuff like EDUCATION and technology and throw away the crap,Gays can never be legalized in Nigeria,we have better issues to worry about

Kiki Mordi is an example of why fame should never be given to women. Once you give a woman fame, she starts thinking with her ass, especially if she got a fat one

Kiki is advocating for same sex marriage in Nigeria? I think this whole woke nonsense is a form of mental disorder and we are neglecting it. Next agenda will be to advocate for the right of siblings who feel like marrying themselves. Ashi gbaakwa unu

If Kiki Mordi herself had done her research before that pro-samex-sex marriage view, she would’ve known that it’s dead-on-arrival. Even western-driven advocacies are realizing that such campaigns only put the life of the gay in Africa at risk. It draws risky attention to them.

Kiki has been misfiring lately and one thing I’d never support is same sex marriage even if I’m standing alone. Homosexuals are the most dangerous set of people you’d ever come across, they can do anything to have their way… Block me and move on if it irks you.

Well, you just came out straight on what you actually want to do. It’s obvious you are tired of the hide and seek game. Dear Kiki, you can leave Nigeria and relocate to the right side of history and enjoy what you love to do. If you try it here, it’s 14 years in jail

Say No To Homosexuals

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