July 1st: All Inter-State Travellers And Students Nationwide Should Take Note Of This Information

I am sure Nigerians are aware that the lockdown on inter-state movement and school activities which lasted for exactly three months was revisited by President Muhammadu Buhari.

The lockdown which was initially aimed at reducing the spread of the pandemic seemed to have left Nigerians confused as to its effectiveness because despite the fact that the lockdown was in effect, the virus kept on spreading at an alarming rate. The Federal Government with the Advice of the NCDC decided to let inter-state movements begin as well as allow students in PRY6, JSS3 and SSS3 to resume school activities in order to prepare fully for their promotion exams.

Now that the lockdown on inter-state movement and school operations has been temporarily suspended, here are some very vital information to all stakeholders involved.

1. The Virus Is Still In Existence

The fact that the lockdown on inter-state movements and some school activities have been lifted does not mean that the virus has been defeated. The Coronavirus is very much in existence and is still infecting people at a very high rate. In whatever you do, always remember that the virus is real and also do your best to stay safe.


2. Inter-State Drivers Should Educate Their Passengers

A driver does not need to be a holder of a degree certificate before he can educate his passengers. Drivers should endeavor to educate their passengers on the need to always be safe while in the vehicle. The need to practice social distancing and use of face masks is very paramount in order to ensure safety because if you see videos of people who have been infected, you would pray the virus never finds you.


3. Use of Face Masks Should Be Made Compulsory For Students 

As the PRY6, JSS3 and SSS3 students go back to school to resume learning in preparation of their final exams, the use of face masks in the school environment should be made compulsory. Also proper decontamination of school environments should be done before these students are made to resume. Truth be told, many of these students are still young and naive! The responsibility lie on both the parents and teachers to make the students see the need to practice strict safety protocols like constant washing of hands, use of face masks and hand sanitizers.

4. People Above The Age Of 60 Should Limit Their Frequency Of Movements 

It is true that old people are easily susceptible to the virus. It would be better for them to not travel till a cure is found. The effects the Coronavirus has on elderly peoole tend to be more severe than that of youths due to the fact that their immune system is not too strong. If you are above 60 years old, try not to embark on any journey which is not extremely relevant and even when you do, try as much as possible to stay safe.

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