Jubilation Across The Globe AS United Nations Handover Biafra Box To Nnamdi Kanu

According to the Biafra news watch in United states. Has confirmed that the United Nations has finally handover Biafra box that represent power to Nnamdi Kanu.

The Nigeria Box was handed over to Tafawa belewa in 1960 by British Govt. This is the sign that Nnamdi Kanu will be the first Biafra president and also has the power to decide what will happen in Biafra Govt.

Nnamdi Kanu has break the world record as the youngest man to received a Box for a new nation. This Box represent authority and the highest power in the Nation.

Today, Nnamdi Kanu is regarded as one of the most popular freedom fighters in Africa, ranking in the league of Nelson Mandela, Samuel Nkrumah and others.

Kanu started the Biafran struggle as a Director of Radio Biafra in London, under the leadership of Ralph Uwazuruike. The story of Biafra movement changed and become globally recognized after Nnamdi Kanu took over from Uwazuruike.”

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