Joe Biden Is Sworn In As The 46th President Of The United States

Biden and Harris are two ends of the experience spectrum

There are obvious differences between President Biden and Vice President Harris (race and gender), but it’s really worth thinking how different they are in terms of their political background.

Biden has waited forever for this moment. He first ran for president more than 30 years ago. He was first elected to the Senate nearly 50 years ago.

Harris’ trek to the vice presidency was much shorter in political life. She was elected attorney general of California only 10 years ago. Harris came to the Senate just four years ago.

It’s one of the most lopsided differences in favor of the president in terms of electoral experience for any president and vice president.

Usually, presidents choose vice presidents who have more experience than they do (e.g. Trump and Pence or Obama and Biden).

You probably have to go all the way back to the Nixon/Agnew administration to see an instance of a president having so much more elected experience than the vice resident.

It’ll be interesting to see how this dynamic plays out this time around.

President Joe Biden sends first tweet as POTUS

President Joe Biden tweeted from the @POTUS account for the first time following the inauguration ceremony, writing: “There is no time to waste when it comes to tackling the crises we face.”

He continued: “That’s why today, I am heading to the Oval Office to get right to work delivering bold action and immediate relief for American families.”

Vice President Harris and her husband Doug Emhoff are escorting former Vice President Mike Pence and his wife Karen Pence down the steps of the US Capitol after the inauguration ceremony.

The group spoke for a bit and could be seen laughing together.

Supreme Court Justices Samuel Alito, Clarence Thomas and Stephen Breyer did not attend today’s inauguration for President Biden because of public health risks posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, according to the public information officer.

Justices Alito, Thomas and Breyer are also the oldest members of the court, respectively, at 70, 72 and 82.

Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Sonia Sotomayor administered the swearing ins of President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris.

Sotomayor, who suffers from diabetes, has been extremely careful. When she appeared publicly for Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s memorial, she wore a mask and a face shield.

Some of the justices have been working in chambers during the pandemic, although others have been participating from their homes. Justice Breyer, for example, has done some speaking appearances via zoom from his home In Boston.

At the time of Ginsburg’s memorial and a closed-door welcome for Barrett, the court was extremely strict about masks, according to two sources. This departs from the other branches of government.

The justices have continued to conduct oral arguments and regular conferences by phone.

Biden’s inauguration just ended

The inauguration of President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris just wrapped up.

Now, there will be an inaugural parade — although it will be largely a virtual one. Biden and Harris will have a presidential escort from 15th Street to the White House including the US Army Band, a Joint Service Honor Guard and the commander in chief’s Guard and Fife Drum Corps. The drumlines from the University of Delaware and Howard University will join that event to honor the alma maters of the incoming president and vice president.

The parade will be hosted by “Scandal” actor Tony Goldwyn and will feature comedian Jon Stewart, New Radicals and DJ Cassidy’s “Pass the Mic” with performances by Earth Wind & Fire, Nile Rodgers, Kathy Sledge, The Trans Chorus of Los Angeles, The Washington Chorus and The Triumph Baptist Church Choir.

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