iPhone 13 Leaks: Twitter Users React To New Range’s Supposed Release In September

Apple has not released a statement about the launch of the iPhone 13
Leaks claim the new range will be launched in September 2021
Tech experts believe it may cost between $699 to $1,099 ​

Rumors that Apple will be launching the flagship iPhone 13 by the end of this year have gained the attention of many social media users who have taken to the various platforms to react about the same.

Apple is expected to launch iPhone 13 in September, Tom’s Guide reported. The rumors have been circulating for a few weeks now, even though Apple has not released an official statement about the launch of the device.

Nevertheless, social media users and technology enthusiasts have compiled iPhone 13’s supposed features from various sources. In a tweet shared by a Twitter user, iPhone 13’ is rumored to include: 120hz display, astrophotography, A15 Bionic chip, improved camera, 8K video output, cooling system, and longer battery life.

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