Inter-State Ban Lifted: All Drivers and Passengers Should Take Notice Of This

President Buhari has lifted the transportation ban today. The President after being brief by the NCDC has now lifted the transportation ban and the people who are previously stranded can now move from border to border as the President lift the ban.

President Muhammad Buhari lifted the ban on transportation today after being briefed by the NCDC today in the meeting.

Much to the joy of people who wants to travel to other states are currently happy that they can finally leave and go back to the state they want to travel to.

However, it is important that the drivers and all passengers should take notice of this as they are guidelines to the COVID-19. It is important that the drivers and passengers should be aware of this below

1. The driver should always be with a mask.

2. The driver should wear a hand glove.

3. The driver should ensure that they do not carry more than enough passengers.

4. The driver should not travel around the curfew hours.

5. They should put in place washing hands machine and sanitizer around the park.

The passengers;

1. They should ensure that they wear a face mask and a hand glove

2. They should ensure that they are with sanitizer.

3. They must ensure there is no close contact with other passengers.

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