I’m dead, I can’t answer this question”:See touching video of Chadwick saying he is dead already

I woke up this morning to the painful news of the demise of Chadwick Boseman who lost his life due to a terminal illness. Chadwick was diagnosed of colon cancer four years ago. Despite him having this terminal disease, it did not stop him from entertaining the world and passing on message to the world about the black race.

In this touching video, a reporter asked him a question about his feeling on a movie that got the attention of lots of people. Chadwick replied her with the word “I’m dead, I can’t answer this question”. The reporter asked him if there would be a Black panter two spoiler, he still replied “I’m dead”. Chadwick knew he was going to die. From the video you could see that he has lost weight.

He jokingly said “I’m dead”, but I felt his pain. It’s painful for him to wakeup every day knowing that he is will die soon. He was a strong man.



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