How to Lock your Airtime with USSD Code (All Networks)


Do you want to lock or protect your Airtime against unauthorized use from people such as your friends, roommates, and so on? If ‘yes’, you are on the right page.

Here we will show you how to lock your Airtime with a USSD code, and also how to easily unlock it anytime.

How to Lock your Airtime with USSD Code

People may be tempted to use your Airtime if they check your balance, and find you have huge ‘credit’, maybe 2000.00. Sometimes, they transfer some Airtime to themselves without your knowledge, and after you will wonder how your credit got finished so fast. You can prevent such by locking your Airtime.

Also, locking your Airtime will curb unnecessary deductions, auto subscriptions, and other form of stealing from mobile Network providers.

You don’t need a software to lock/unlock your Airtime, just dial a short code on the number you want to lock its Airtime, so that only you (the owner) can make calls with it.

So, we will show you how to lock your Airtime so that your friends and others will not have access when they are with your phone.

If you are a Mum or Dad, you can lock your Airtime so that your children will not burn it down. Some children when they lay their hands to Mummy or Daddy’s phone, they will use it to call Uncles, Aunts, Schoolmates, etc.

Now, let’s quickly show you how to lock and unlock your Airtime against unauthorized use.

How to Lock Your Airtime With A USSD Code

Below are short codes to lock/unlock your Airtime for all Network;

To LOCK Airtime: Dial *33*0000# and send with the SIM card you wish to lock the Airtime.To UNLOCK Airtime: Dial #330*0000# and send with the SIM you want to unlock the Airtime.

Note: We recommend you write out these codes somewhere in case you forget it.

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