How To Get Your Money Back From Racksterli #Racksterli

So, if you are yet to get your refunds, this article is for you..

Step one

Call your bank. Don’t go and stand in the queue. Customer services in a branch are limited and very slow.

Call the bank and inform them about a certain transaction.

Step two

Tell the customer care agent that you paid for a service online but didn’t recieve any value rather the merchant is trying to close down the site and avoid the normal refund procedures.

Step three

Your bank may or may not tell you that they want to treat it as a failed transaction.


do not agree to this. Insist that the merchant has gotten the cash but wishes to play a smart one.

Step four

Insist that the transaction was a carried out successfully but was fruadulent. And the bank will file it as such as also inform CBN about the case of fraud.

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