Grace Ajilore reportedly got pregnant after she tag men been trash

Grace Ajilore: Under fire for being pregnant because he once said men are useless and she reportedly pregnant the question is that, does she impregnated herself or the man she named to be trashed impregnated her read more below

Social media celebrity, Grace Ajilore, who has been counselling ladies about relationship with men is pregnant.

While some have congratulated her for getting set to start a family, commenters on Twitter are accusing her of hypocrisy, flabbergasted that the woman who has been preaching that ‘men are trash’ could become pregnant.

And they are drawing similarities between her and famous blogger and ex-beauty queen Linda Ikeji who had a baby out of wedlock after years of counselling ladies to remain celibate until they become married.

She posted this on her Twitter page after she tagged men to be useless

Found the man of my dreams which is what Ive always prayed for every women who watches me I’ve told women to always pick a husband who will love and cherish them not a man who will take advantage we are precious n we should be treated with respect.

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