Former chairman of Nissan Carlos Ghosn Speak Publicly After Japan Escape

Carlos ghosn press conference

The former chairman of Nissan, Carlos Ghosn, has used his first public appearance since fleeing Japan to accusethe country’s prosecutor of trying to force a flawed confession.

He narrate some of the things he faces when he is in jailed

Talk to you a little bit I’m not going to punch a baby solitary confinement tiny cell window light day and night 30 minutes because of that is not enough in the weekend we can go for 30 minutes when there is nobody without human contact

We also can bring me churches which was a very very simple message that ok yes she can watch and we can bring me chips and drinking because you know yesterday yesterday

dinosaur with our telephone local computer she was lonely without anything she does because she was afraid

Have you met your mother we asked him seven times to remove the bank over a period of nine months 7 times and every time he took the time to think that some change and then he came back by saying no and why no because tampering of evidence evidence for Carol but I was able to receive my kids

I felt like I was not human anymore I was something between the human and animal or not but there is no feeling that a man and the woman who are married want to talk together and I have to explain why I have to talk to my wife

I was naive I felt that the job was about I was on the bus

All the time that the same time you have to charge before I get

conditions 99.8 all the signs that there was no way I was going to be treated fairly and that I will have a normal life for the next 4 or 5 years I can tell you that mean it’s not very difficult to come to conclusion you gonna die in Japan or gonna have to get out this was not about Justice this was the Eiffel tower’s hostage of the country that I have served for 17 years I dedicated my professional life I was proud of it I revive the company that nobody else before me was able to do for 10 years they were in the door I brought them for 17 years I was considered as a role model in Japan more than 20 books of management like this in a minute the prosecutor called greedy greedy because of the elements

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