fire Sweep Auto Spare Parts Worth Millions of Naira at Agodi Gate In Ibadan (Video)

There was blasts, wailings, as midnight fire razes popular Araromi auto spare parts market at Agodi-Gate in Ibadan.

Difficulty salvaging goods and wares worth millions of Naira due to fire fighters’ lack of access.

Fire trucks parked a distance of about half kilometres as two teams from the Oyo state fire service drag water hose to battle inferno worsened by inflamable items.

Fire believed to have been caused by a power surge in one of the shops.
The market just had electricity supply restored recently after years of being without light.

A trader, Samson who deals in Toyota spares, in the market said such tragedy was last witnessed in the market in 1983 and even not on such large scale level of destruction.

It was gathered that the raging inferno has consumed several shops in the tyre section.

Fire fighters have difficulty gaining access.

Water shortage also hampering efforts to douse the conflagration.
Traders arrived scene watching helplessly. Couldn’t go near flames said to be accompanied by intense heat!.

Watch video below;

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