FIFA 20: Best strikers to sign on Career Mode for every budget

Moving further up the price range we have one of the most promising young strikers in football: Myron Boadu.

The teenager kicks off with an overall of 75, after a very impressive campaign so far, and has good attacking attributes across the board. Boadu’s finishing at 78 is complemented by shot power of 74, volleys at 68 and 87 pace. These will only get better if you help Boadu reach his potential overall of 88, becoming one of the best in the game. He’s valued at £11m and can have a release clause of £23.4m, but you can get him for closer to £13m.

Odsonne Edouard (Celtic)

There may not be a better young forward in Scotland right now than Odsonne Edouard and it’s the same case on FIFA 20.

“French Eddy” has an initial rating of 76 which consists of 76 finishing, 73 penalties, 73 physical among other impressive attributes – to go with 83 pace. As with everyone on this list, Edouard’s biggest selling point is his potential to grow to 85 overall, making him a solid striking option for a top-level club. Edouard is valued by Celtic at £11m and could come with a release clause of £22m but you can meet them somewhere in the middle for around £17m.

Donyell Malen (PSV Eindhoven)

Another young promising star currently plying his trade in the Eredivisie. Donyell Malen is as good on FIFA 20 as he is in real life.

The 21-year-old has an initial rating of 77 with the standout attribute being his pace, at 91. However, that should not take away from his finishing of 78, dribbling of 81 and four-star skill moves. Malen has a potential overall rating of 86 and can become a very good striker. He’s valued at £12.5m but will cost you closer to £19.5m to secure his services, although it is certainly worth it.

FIFA 20 best strikers to sign on Career Mode for £20m and above

Gabriel Jesus (Manchester City)

Such is the importance of having a good young striker, the prices get a bit crazy from here on out, starting with Gabriel Jesus.

Although it feels like he’s been around for ages, Jesus is still only 22, but boasts a FIFA 20 rating of 82. There are so many impressive attributes to his game including 86 positioning and 84 finishing, as well has 85 ball control. A benefit of his young age, Jesus still has the potential to rise to 88 overall and can probably hit those heights fairly quickly if you hand him the reins. The Brazilian is valued at £28m but Man City will not budge for less than £45m, though it’s still a good option if you have the cash spare.

Timo Werner (RB Leipzig)

Moving onto another level from Jesus, we have Timo Werner, who looks set to be joining Chelsea in the real world.

The 86-rated striker has already been given a boost in the Winter Refresh so his attributes are tasty from the off. His finishing of 88 works hand in hand with positioning at 88 and pace of 92. If you want to finish off a fast break, he’ll be there. And although he will only rise to 89, Werner’s young age makes him a must-have if you can afford him. Valued at £51.5m, RB Leipzig won’t budge for less than £75m.

Kylian Mbappe (Paris Saint-Germain)

Finally, the big boy in Kylian Mbappe, who only the elite will be able to afford, but boy is he worth it.

Mbappe’s still only 21 – turning that age midway through your first FIFA 20 Career Mode season – but is already 89-rated and one of the best players in the game. Take your pick from his excellent attributes, be it his pace, finishing or dribbling. What could make him any better? His potential to grow to 95… Naturally this amount of class comes with a hefty price tag of £132m. Make Mbappe 2020 happen for your club


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