Federal Government Declares Resumption Date for Schools

The Federal Government of Nigeria has announced September 22, 2020 for all Universities and Polytechnics in Nigeria to resume.

As things continue going on, based on whatever that happens in the battle against Coronavirus in a month time all schools will come back to full action and resumption.

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We may recall that Mr Sonny Echono on behalf of the Permanent Secretary to the Ministry of Education, Adamu Adamu directed all 104 Unity Schools in the Country should close on or before 26th of March 2020 for a period of one month as a proactive measure to contain the spread of the Coronavirus also known as COVID-19.

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The decision as made was not made with happiness but instead it was made with unhappiness as all Academic Programme and Seasons are shut down all over the Country. Students and Pupils have been advised to stay away from unnecessary crowding/gatherings for the main time.

So on this note, all Universities and Polytechnics Schools will tentatively resume on   September 2020.

because of the high increase of COVID-19 case in the country,  all Universities and Polytechnics Schools is likely to resume on June/July  but no specific date

The Federal Government and Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) on Monday agreed on the September 22 resumption date for all public and private schools across the country. In accordance with the amicable resolution of the crisis, all public and private schools across the country are to resume the 2014/2015 academic session on Monday, September 22, 2020….

53 thoughts on “Federal Government Declares Resumption Date for Schools

  1. I appreciate but the government should not extend the resumption date,but the covid 19 is still spreading they should extend it and save souls,am faculty Joe

  2. Am beging our gvt shud pls help us oo.. Nd ar we still resuming in may4th bcus dis covid 19 is still spreading up oo.. Pls help us 2 find solution

  3. I want to go to school ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh pls let us resume on 4th may abeg buhari pls hear the cries of the leader of tomorrow

    1. This shit is too far so we still have to spend another month at home….! Wtf…! Am exhausted!!

  4. I want FG should help us resume on may 4th this month am tired of staying at home

  5. Please oh!let us resume on may 4th,it is only God that can protect us from covid-19

    1. You want to go to school enhh? It’s only the living that can go to school. It is better to be alive than go to school and contact covid 20. Safty first!

      1. Pls let’s resume school on may4th ooo, me and tired of staying in one place, let d fg put protective measure in each class and d use of face mask should b compulsory, and also dey should divide the section into maybe morning class not more Dan 50people, ans also afternoon and evening class, I think dat will b beta instead of we staying at home

        1. Are your lecturers ready to go through that stress
          How much are they paying them

        2. You are the one paying there salary, that is why you can just open your mouth and talk rubbish

        3. You are the one paying there salary that is why you can just open your mouth and talk rubbish

    2. Please Mr President listen to ur children cry we are the leaders of tomorrow.let school resume

  6. Please make it real o we don’t know anything before o

  7. God in Heaven knows that am sick and tired of staying at home, is really boring, me I want to go back to school abeg.

  8. Please let us resume now .. get about 4 girls way we don draw map to fuck when we resume

  9. Abi make una talk una mind say una no free for house….. and una wan collect dick… i mean no offense but then at this point Education can’t give back life once you lose it… COVID-19 is real let’s pray for miracle

  10. We shouldn’t resume school yet until this virus has a cure, only Nigerian government that when a pandemic happens you still want children delicate lives to return back to school.

  11. How authentic is this news? Because you’re the only blog carrying it.

  12. Schools need to resume because student staying indoors for the past month is not easy.

  13. Pls think about the danger involved if school resume now, COVID19 is still spreading, almost 3,195 confirmed cease

  14. You all that are tired of staying at home, I hope you will not be tired of the upcoming outbreaks,the deaths and all…only the living can go to school…I saw someone saying rhye should take preventive measures in school really???

  15. It’s just so painful that one is just home..the house is not even enjoyable….honesty schools need to resume.

  16. Me am just confused, I heard the resumption of universities and polytechnics will be on the 1st of June , and some site are saying is it a rumors…

    Please let us stop lying to ourselves we all know the education standard of this country is just managing and we are talking about e-learning 😧😧😧😧😧
    It is not working at all
    government should find a way to send us back to school please.

  17. market are opening.
    Where crowded people is
    So y can’t dey open schools ND churches,
    So we can gather up together and ask God to help us take this deadly disease away.

  18. Pls let the FG fix a date for resumtion,we are tired of staying at home

  19. What a clueless and braindead government. How can a government overseeing a massive population like this, issue a statement like this. How can you say schools will re-open regardless of whatever the situation of covid19 may be by June/July. So if the virus so to speak, is causing deaths to the tune of hundreds of thousands, by that time,the school should still reopen right?. I am not against school re opening…but they have to re open under a better and acceptable circumstances and containment of the virus…Not for gorvenment to order children back to school under deadly circumstances. A situation that you are so clueless about even uptill now.

    1. WHO WILL DIE WILL DIE!!! reopening schools does not make a difference besides corona virus in Nigeria is scam. June/July is still far, let us start school jaree I’m tired of staying at home.

  20. To be sincere I really want school to resume because I am also tired of stating at home but how are we going to go to school when this pandemic is increasing greatly,if we go back to school the covid will only spread more and more people will have it.so I will advice that we continue to pray for county and maintain the same social distancing and wearing of mask

  21. Most polytechnic end up there 2nd semester August, we will not have time to read for our two exams. Please we should government should consider opening school quick.

  22. Govt should think of opening of schools Becus even with measures of spreading the classes, there won’t be enough lecturers to even lecture since the student are much. Even if they say morning, afternoon and evening classes of 50 persons each, it won’t still be enough Becus students in one class are more than 100 at least and some of this lecturers do take one course or different courses for different classes and department, coping will be very hard. Resuming school will be hell afterwards, we that are shouting resume, resume, we will start saying govt are wicked and should have waited…..let’s think this very deeply and don’t just speak for the now….read and educate yourself as a student, and keep busy Becus life is Paramount

  23. Seriously I can’t wait for school to resume,am in my final year I really need to leave d system ND know what next

    1. Please all Nigeria student let us pray for our government because they try,by the time we will resume, we will resume with peace because am get tied at home, please government try to take quickly decision on time,god bless kwara and god bless Nigeria

  24. We can’t understand all that is going on in this country “Nigeria ” only God knows and he will take decision. Thunder 🌩 🌩 fire piers like our government in Nigeria .

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