Download National ID Card on Your Phone in 5 Minutes, See the Download Link & How To Go About It.

Download National ID Card on Your Phone in Minutes, See the Download Link & How To Go About It.

The process of registration and collection of the National Identification Card is very cumbersome and time-consuming. One has to devote days for the process to be successful.

After registering, you still have to wait for months before your National Identification Number and cards are ready.


The current administration has moved to reduce the suffering and cumbersome processes.

An application has been created by the National Identify Management Commission (NIMC) where you can actually download your National Identification Card in less than five minutes just by providing your Phone number and date of birth.

Many Nigerians have started using the application and have been giving their testimonies on social media.


I will teach you how to go about it and also provide the download link for you in this post.

Note that this process is only for those that have earlier registered for the card at the NIMC office.


For Those Who Have Successfully Registered For National Identity Number (NIN), Kindly Use This Excellent Medium To Eliminate Wait Time & Expense For National ID Cards.

Download App On Link Below, Input NIN Number & Mobile Number Then Print. 🇳🇬


1. Visit the Google play store and install the mobile app using the link below.

Link Here

2. Fill in your correct details, double check, and hit the next button on the far right.

3. Read the attestation and hit “I Agree” if you’ll like to continue the process.

4. Input your desired pin number twice and click the save button.

Congrats, you’re finally in and you can see your information from this page and also download your National ID card.

The card will display all your information including the expiring date for the card.

Download the ios (iPhone) version of the app here 👇🏾

That’s the simple way to download the national identification card.

If you have any difficulty while downloading it, kindly drop your message is not comment section I will attend to it.

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