Don’t Dare Nigeria: A Guy Reportedly Attack Donald Trump On Twitter


This so called owolebi tweeted so many times in which he had received a reply from Donald Trump

He tweeted this below

I swear down.I dare you to try this rubbish you are doing with Iran with my dearest country Nigeria.Then you will see the Stuff The Giant Of Africa is made up off.


I find it curiously disturbing that Nigerians can’t see the humour behind what i tweeted.If this particular tweet of mine which has been causing rancour on all social Media platforms was made by one of our top public officials then we have caused to be afraid.

You think Trump would be incredibly stupid enough to take a tweet from a mere commoner like me serious?


This guy so called Orioye owolebi @Lordoye1 on Twitter, he is foolish to have attack Donald Trump on Twitter Dailyfocusng learnt that Orioye owolebi is a commoner who supposed not to have put himself into trouble this guy is joepadise with the life of all Nigerian Citizen


After this reply from the Us president Donald Trump the good people of Nigeria immediately react to this tweet pleading on his behaves



After alot of apologies on his behalf, while some people denying him to be a Nigerian, finally donald Trump clear his mind away from the Tweet and decided to let go



My Advice to you all

My advice to the Nigerian please don’t always comment on what doesn’t concern you please learn how to mind your business

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