Don’t allow anyone to use your account to send money to UK. Govt

The British Government has advised people to be wary of allowing third party to use their bank accounts to send money to the United Kingdom.

The National crime Agency, via its verified Twitter handle @NCA_UK, gave the warning on Sunday.

The British government agency, which leads the UK’s fight to cut serious and organised crime, said foreign students in UK universities are especially susceptible.

It warns, “Letting someone use your bank account to move money is money laundering.

“Earlier this year, 95 bank accounts — containing more than £3m — were frozen by UK law enforcement coordinated by the National Economic Crime Centre.

“Access to the money was denied and investigations undertaken because it was suspected that some or all of the funds were linked to money laundering.

“To date, approximately £1m of this money has been forfeited following court hearings.”

It states that the majority of the accounts frozen belonged to international students studying in the UK; while further investigation found that the overseas students, complicit or not, were targeted and used as ‘money mules’ to launder funds through UK accounts.

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