Dimitar Berbatov Advises Chelsea To Buy Jan Oblak over Kai Havertz

Chelsea became one of the teams that seemed to be quite active in the movement of the player’s transfer market this summer.

Judge Ziyech and Timo Werner became the names of the two new players who were confirmed to be in Chelsea’s uniform next season.

The latest, the name Kai Havertz who currently strengthen Bayer Leverkusen is reportedly getting closer to Stamford Bridge.

Havertz’s name is getting closer to joining Chelsea, considering he hopes to appear in the Champions League class of next season


On the other hand, the team that he is defending right now certainly will not appear in the Champions League next season.

Bayer Leverkusen itself must be satisfied in fifth position in the final standings of the Bundesliga this season.

Meanwhile, Chelsea certainly has secured a ticket competing in the Champions League competition next season.

Kai Havertz’s name has become a figure of young players who are in demand by many big European teams.

The situation was motivated by the charming appearance that Kai Havertz successfully demonstrated with his team this season.

Kai Havertz has made 43 appearances for Bayer Leverkusen in all competitions

Atletico Madrid’s goalkeeper mainstay, Jan Oblak in the Chelsea shot.
Atletico Madrid’s goalkeeper mainstay, Jan Oblak in the Chelsea shot.

Collection of 17 goals and 9 assists is evidence of the glory of the German national team players.

Chelsea, who is one of the interested parties, is said to be ready to pay £ 70 million to get his autograph.

However, Chelsea’s move was criticized by former Manchester United and Tottenham Hostpur players, Dimitar Berbatov.

Berbatov argues, Chelsea should prioritize the post keeper needs in their transfer plans this summer.

The former Bulgarian national team player highlights the position of the goalkeeper to be Chelsea’s weakest sector this season.

Berbatov’s statement is certainly not wrong, given the ratio of Chelsea conceded this season is quite high.


As the ratio of Chelsea conceded in the Premier League scene which reached 54 goals in 38 matches.

One of the goalkeepers who recommended Berbatov to recruit Chelsea is Jan Oblak, Atletico Madrid’s main goalkeeper.

“They certainly need a goalkeeper and Jan Oblak will be a good choice,” Berbatov said in Metro .

“There are still rumors about Kai Havertz’s move that could also be an extraordinary player for them,” he added

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