Deezell Report The Maryam booth Case To Court, See The statement Below

Deezell Report The Case To Court, See The statement Below

According to Deezell on Twitter post this statement that Early this week, i issued two statement distancing myself from the outrageous occusations leveled against me on both occusations I demand immediate statement withdraw an apology from the perpetrator since then I have been seen some post and received messages where some publicly withdrew their allegations their allegations and Apologies while several others refuse to do so

Massive Reaction on Twitter

forgive those tweeps and let go while we plead with them to delete whatsoever it’s they wrote against you and apologize to you. Please and please consider this

come and see something, they didn’t see it coming

Yes pls do find a space in your heart nd forgive them

I just dey imagine their faces in court.. the ppl that stand behind them on SM platforms won’t be present in court..inside life.

We must go there to see and hear those that could speak English before “my lord” Alqur’an dole kaji grammar tana kwacewa

I get you care about these guys but i think it’s time people should know their place and stop thinking they can do whatever they wish to others. There is life outside this twitter. People come on here daily to accuse, defame and denigrate others people personality w/out evidence

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